Monday, January 9, 2012

The Era of UEP

Gone are the days when companies used to sell products based on the factor of USP (Unique Selling Point). These days companies are focusing more on UEP (Unique Experience Point). Take examples of any leading tech giants of the world, Apple, Google, Amazon or Flipkart and imagine their products without the experience they are providing. People fire their queries on Google Search page and get the instant results. The page provides only necessary search related options. Sometimes people don’t even notice the whole page, they just do the needful (sometimes, the experience they have is not even noticeable – First definition of a good User Experience). Similarly, there are other companies which sell products online and provide the same service what Amazon and Flipkart are providing but Amazon and Flipkart are famous/better because of the experience they provide to their users. People prefer Flipkart because they get the product the next day, have facility to pay cash on delivery and can return the product within 30 days, if not satisfied with the product. These are the kind of experience backing up companies like Flipkart. Suppose you are driving a car. You set locations and while driving you ask your phone whether to take left/right or go straight to reach the destination (it’s similar to asking your friend sitting with you in the car, who knows the route) and it guides you during your journey. Now phones are becoming your Virtual Assistants and you can talk to your phone in similar way as you do with your assistants/friends. Imagine, will life be as comfortable as it is today, without their services/products?

All these tech giants believed in selling products/services based on the UEP, to make life more comfortable (Google Search, Driving, Flipkart Examples!) and that's where UX (User Experience) comes into picture.
Apple started providing UE to users for their life. First they created the need and then they sold their products. When apple products hit the market, people started knowing about the features and services and then they started to make use of their products which used cutting edge technologies to make life better and more comfortable.
Prior to apple, there were many companies which used to sell Mp3 players and mobile phones but apple was still able to sell their products because they had ability to think different and provide Unique Experience to users. Nokia, which was a giant in mobile phones with the vision to connect every ordinary man, was struggling to sell their smart-phones until Microsoft came up with better and more interactive UI (Metro UI). Since the launch of first version of iPhone in market, Nokia shares were going down. Later on, Android too came into picture to worsen Nokia's condition, which eventually leads the company to replace its top level executives. Finally Nokia appointed Stephen Elope as their new CEO having a faith that he could do something amazing but results were not much different until Metro UI in windows Phone.
Google had their own vision to sell their products. Today, Google has become part of our life as we rely very much on many Google products like Gmail, Search, Youtube, Adsense, App, Android, Chrome and Maps are very few to name. In future there are chances that we’ll be dependent on Google TV and Cars as well. Today, according to me, Google is one of the most important things in our life.
Prior to Google, Yahoo was search giant but because of the new search/mail/chat or other experiences Google provided, people started forgetting Yahoo. In the same way as Nokia did, they also appointed CEO Carol Bartz but they had to fire her as she was proved incompetent to get users/revenue for the company. They actually hired and fired few more top executives.

When I was a kid, I used to see people buying music systems which were good at loud sound (irrespective of sound quality, similar to Nokia phones which are durable but lacks in other (UE) aspects). I still remember the days when people with big speakers were appreciated more. But the trend has been changing. People started buying home theater or high quality music systems to experience music (rather than loud sound).

15 years back, there were not many people who knew about UX but today companies (some famous tech giants to name are Cognizant, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Nikon or Sony) consider UX as their one of the most important strength.

When Jeff Raskin designed Mac, people who were using DOS were amazed. They never thought that they could do all those things using mouse, there was no need to write commands for getting things done. Some people even had problems in handling mouse at first attempt. But they can never forget their first experience they had with the mouse (I personally met/interviewed some people who had the same experience :-)).

We are in the era where UEP matters more than USP. you can sell your products but you won't be able to reach sky heights until you come up with something which can provide a different/better experience to user.

You can design applications which asks user to select 10 options/fill 10 fields, and then presses some button(some of them even misses affordability) to submit some information/to perform some task/to get some info. What if user just needs to press a button/talk to the system and task is done. This is what SIRI is doing (Again Apple!).

When I was in college, I met Pranav Mistry, the creator of sixth sense, and I still remember one thing he said that people wants their life to be more comfortable and for that machines should have senses.

Our system should be smart enough to know our needs and should be capable to fulfill them.

Whatever you think about me,
Whatever you feel about me,
But it’s the fact and you know it,
You are nothing without me
- User Experience

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Navigation!

You must have heard about Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, Happy Diwali or Happy Christmas etc. but after reading the heading of this post, you might start wondering that what is this Happy Navigation all about??

Ohkk, for a Web Designer and Developer there exist happy Navigation too! Confused! don't worry, go through this post and you will get to know about the Happy Navigation.

As my main interest lies in the field of web design and being a netizen, apart from other online works, usually i spent more than 3 hours per day only to browse through different websites to know what is happening around the world in the field of web designing. I came across many pros of cons of those websites and learnt a lot. It also helped me developing my skills in the field of web designing. One Thing i noted mostly is the Navigation part of those websites so while developing a website, usually i prefer to try many different types of navigation to provide the maximum easiness to the viewer. In other terms you can say, to provide them a happy navigation or cool navigation. Being a User Experience and Interface Designer (mainly website designer and developer), you should know what happy navigation is!!! Happy Navigation is nothing but the easiness of browsing or surfing any website with the least effort made by viewer while navigation through different sections and subsections of that website. If a user is browsing the site, he should not feel like he lost somewhere in the website and also he should get proper links to browse back and forth though the navigation links. Navigation plays an important role in website building. If user will not like the navigation techniques of the site, probably he will not think about even opening that site again, ultimately which affects the traffic of the website. Once i came across this website which has cool and different type of navigation technique inspired by desktop navigation techniques in Windows and Mac and a rare example of HTML website having this type of navigation. From my Google-site, you can also Download HTML file containing links for many inspiring flash websites having cool navigation. Anyways, Happy Navigation while browsing through these sites!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kill Bill: Its not about The Movie

As you know everybody is frustrated of Microsoft Windows. Actually Windows sucks big time !!! As a designer i had to use windows before as Adobe products got crashed twice in Ubuntu. As that time i was a beginner in Linux and i didn't even had cracked version of Mac OS as well :D, so things were a bit tough for me and i had no option but Windows. One fine day i was designing a website in flash, and gosh!!! my system got crashed! WTF(Windows too Fucks)!!! Though it was not a new thing for me as I was screwed before too and i am sure Bill Gates must have enjoyed this . I mean, it's obvious, isn't it? it seems perfectly clear and simple to use Windows, but it crashes with the slightest pressure, or sometimes breaks inexplicably. And to my surprise, when i checked for unexpected Shutdown (This is a great feature of Windows, user don't even have to press the start button to shutdown their computers. it automatically get shutdown and that too without user's permission ) and restarted the system, again there was dumping after 2 mins. This process repeated for 8-9 times! I was not able to do anything. Finally when i tried to format the system, bloody Windows crashed once at 15 percent and again at 37 percent. By this time i was totally frustrated and was cursing Bill Gates.
Finally i installed Ubuntu in my pen-drive from some other computer and tried to format the system which was also a failure!. As a non CSE student, i had Google as the only option to ask for help which finally helped me out of the disaster. I searched for the error on net and after many rounds of error and memory checking i was lead to disassemble the system and RAM checking one by one. Alas! due to many crashes, my 1GB RAM out of 3GB became useless and all this happened because of bloody Windows.
people says that Windows Vista is mainly for designers, but i would never recommend it for any user. My website was never recovered but from then onwards i started saving my work every 10-15 mins.

Last but not the least, you must be wondering that how the title of this post is related to the post itself? then here is the answer: Don't watch kill bill, if everybody will start using Linux or Mac, Bill will be automatically killed! like this

Friday, December 18, 2009

The "Faking News" fever! :D

As the name suggest, Faking News is the leading Indian news satire and humor website started by...(I think i should not reveal his identity). It contains comedy, spoof, funny headlines cutting edge satire on political and social scenario of India. The website publishes fake news reports with incisive sarcasm, satire and humor. I have been tracking the Pagal Patrakar since last few months as i am a regular reader of The Faking News. Since the time when they used to update it on Faking News Blog and one fine day i came to know that they launched their own website The Faking News Website. I am happy as the website is growing rapidly and more people are reading the news. Now you must be thinking that why i am happy so let me tell you. I am happy because i like Faking News, i am a regular reader, i used to tweet about the stories published in Faking News, sometimes i like to update in my status message too and most importantly: It is a satire and humor website and directly or indirectly tells us the stories behind the scenes using satires and critics. I am sure you will like it once you will start reading the news here. Even You can submit any of the story you want to but it should be Satirical News. The news can be related to anything like movies, politics, sport, websites, celebrities, government, businessman, fantasy, science, entertainment etc... All you need is to have an account which is free ofcourse and before publishing the managing editor of the site, Pagal Patrakar(who is also known as Pagal Parasite) will have a look at it as he reserves the final right to publish it(as you know even though they fake it, they still have some editorial policies). If you are seriously interested then you can registed here. Still have any question regarding Faking News? here are the FAQs.

You can find Faking News on many social networking websites including Twitter, Facebook, BlogCatalog, Faking News Old Blog and The Faking News Website.

So what are you waiting for... just check out what is today's news on Faking News! and if you have any story then just post there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Google: The God!

Today, Google is considered as The God! and Everybody needs Google in one or the other way and you can't imagine a single day without Google. People says that "You can get anything and everything from the Google which you need". From Google Search Engine to Google Android, Google provided best and made us to be depend on Google for everything. Also search engine Google is the closest humankind has ever come to directly experiencing an actual God(as typically defined). People rejects "supernatural Gods" because they are not scientifically provable but Google is :D and also Google exhibits many of the characteristics traditionally associated with such Deities and there is much more evidence in favor of Google's divinity than there is for the divinity of other more traditional Gods. If still you have any doubt, please click on this link and all your queries will be satisfied.

Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in March 1996 as a research project while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. The company was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. Since then Google has made a progress which is amazing... which led it to the position where people do consider Google As God.

Google's plan was simply to create a search site that didn't suck. They had three new ideas:
1. Index more of the Web
2. Use links to rank search results
3. Have clean, simple web pages with unintrusive keyword-based ads.
They were determined to make a site that was good to use. No doubt there are great technical tricks within Google, but the overall plan was straightforward. And while they probably have bigger ambitions now, this alone brings them a billion dollars a year.

These are the products from google and all these products offer the best services which make our life really simple and too easy.
Google Search Engine(you can also add your sites to addurl), Gmail(Keyboard Shortcuts), Google Maps(also combined with Wikipedia to produce Wikimapia), Google Videos, Google news, Google blogs, Google Groups, Google Knol(i'm sure many people still don't know Google Knol :D), Google Directory, Google Labs, Google Moderator, Google Answers(retired now), Google Earth, Google Translator, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, Google Fast Flip, Google Dictionary, Google Images and Image search and also Google Image upload i.e. PicasaWeb, Google Alerts, Google Notebook, Google Sketchup, Google PowerMeter, Google Finance, Google Script Converter, Google Image Swirl, Google Ads, Google Local Business center, Google Grants, Google Research, Google Bookmark, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Reader, Google Books, Google Product search, Google Pack, Google SMS Service, Google Guru, Google Talk, Google Chrome, Google Code and now Google Android aka Google OS, Google Wave and also real life products like Google Mobiles etc...Google is also creating a programming language "GO" which is supposed to compile like 'C' and program like 'Java', a transmission protocol called SPDY (speedy) that is supposed to make the internet twice as fast. (Which is it's final goal). If you are more interested in knowing all the Google products then here is the list of all Google products.

Advance search options in Google Provided even more easiness to life. To use Google's built-in calculator function, simply enter the calculation you'd like done into the search box. eg. enter "5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=" and you will get the direct solution :-) or if you want to use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Just enter your desired conversion into the search box and it'll do the rest. eg enter "10.5 cm in inches" for conversion from cm to inches. Sometimes the best way to ask a question is to get Google to ‘fill in the blank’ by adding an asterisk (*) at the part of the sentence or question that you want finished into the Google search box like "Isaac Newton discovered *". you can get the more trick about Google search from here.

I am so much influenced by Google that i have written two lines for Google but these are in binary form... decode (if can't decode by urself, use online decoder) and enjoy

Wolfram Alpha and Google wave!!!

Today, the internet and things like Wolfram|Alpha and Google Wave made our life more easy.

Stephen Wolfram created the Wolfram|Alpha with the goal to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone. In Wolfram|Alpha you can enter your question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer which is made possible by the achievements of Mathematica and A New Kind of Science (NKS) or WolframScience and webMathematica. As of now, Wolfram|Alpha contains 10+ trillion pieces of data, 50,000+ types of algorithms and models, and linguistic capabilities for 1000+ domains. You can take tutorials about how to use WolframAlpha and also go through the WolframAlpha blog .

At the same time Google Wave provides almost real time chat with friends and colleagues and also provides a tool for collaboration where you can discuss about group projects, have brainstorming session and can work together using text, photos, videos, maps etc...and can also play interactive games... You can reply anywhere in the message, edit the content and add others at any point in the process. Playback feature provides more flexibility to rewind through messages. It has Innovative interface which attracts people towards this.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


If u will look at dictionary or webs then there will be many definitions for this. The one i got from worldweb is "It is a political system in which the supreme power lies in a body of citizens who can elect people to represent them". By democracy pplz means d ruling

bt nw a dez politicians(ya u right, these r d ppl active in PARTY POLITICS :X) modified it to:-

I hv written a poem on d irony f democracy ppl r facing 2de...

kis tarah zamana badal gaya, ab loktantra k shashan se
chalti hai sarkar sirf, netaon k ashwashan se

har taraf hai bhrashtachar, aur barbadi ka raaj hai
cog, lie, flatter aur face, bas aur nahi koi kaaj hai

aage badho aur unhein mita do, jo lete hain rishwat aj
kalank lagate hain desh par, aur ganda karte hain samajh

ab hum ko hi kuch karna hoga, agar desh ko bachana hai
OPERATION DURYODHAN ki hadd se bhi agey jana hai

apni dhun me jeete hain, yahan sabko apni chinta hai
masoon aur besaharaon ki, kaun yahan ab sunta hai???

sab kursi ke matwale hain, aur paise ko sab chahte hain
jiske paas hai money yahan, wahi safal ho pate hain

lekin in sab baton se, unko kya fark padna hai
netaon ko to sirf ab, apna hi pet bharna hai

jis janta ka paisa hai, woh janta hi bhukhe marti hai
aur neta kehte hain"adarshon me jeene se hi roti nahi mila karti hai"

apni satta ka hi raaj ho, aur woh satta ke sartaj ho
chalti rahe manmani unki, aur pura har kaaj ho

kuch unki bhi to socho, jinke khatir kursi payi
apni hi kyon sochte ho, kya janta ho gayi parayi???

lekin kya manorath safal ho payega Gandhi jese logon ka
kya bharat ban payega ab, Gandhi Bhagat k sapnon ka?

ho gaye balidan woh, AZADI anmol dilakar
kya kiya hai in netaon ne fir? bas mast ho gaye hain use pakar...

ye kesi hai vidambana ki, roti bhi nahi woh pate hain
AZAD HIND ke adhe log, bhukhe hi mar jate hain

jo kisan shram karta hai yahan, aur auron ko khilata hai
dhukh hi dhukh me jeeta hai aur bhukha hi mar jata hai

aao milkar karein anusaran, Gandhi ke awahan ka
karj chukana hai humko, un veeron ke balidan ka

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some thoughts about Entrepreneurship!

I live in a country which itself is a Startup. Ya, I am not joking but this is reality. If you will collect the data you will find that India produces sufficient amount of Entrepreneurs. Actually there is a reason behind this. Day after day, we deal with situations around us that are similar to what one would face if one had a new venture or he is a budding Entrepreneur which automatically develop skills for Entrepreneurship. Also India has a strong environment for companies as Bangalore is Asia's Heart in the field of Technology. Actually now a days not only IIMs but IITs are also providing platform for entrepreneurship. Even in our IIT(IIT Guwahati) we have our own Entrepreneurship Development Cell(EDC) which helps students in their business plans. I am an active member of EDC and have huge interest in Entrepreneurship. Lets see where life will take me!!!

I met with few really successful VCs, CEOs and Entrepreneurs like Vineet Rai(Founder & CEO, Avishkaar), Raghu Khanna(founder & CEO, cashUrDrive), Rashmi Bansal(writer of stay hungry stay foolish as well as entrepreneur), Kunwar Sachdev(founder and CEO, SU-KAM), David Wittenberg(CEO, the Innovation workgroup), R Sriram(Co-founder, Crossword), Noel J De Souza(entrepreneur), Manak Singh(EXEC Director, TiE Mumbai) and few more... They sahred their experience and gave tips and also told that why a venture capitalist fails or what are the main factors which should be taken into consideration while planning for a startup!!!...1 thing i grapsed the most is, they also felt problems but they were determined which led them to that level.
I think the 3 most imp things which are important to become an entrepreneur are
1. Idea
2. Determination
3. Contacts
All three plays a great role in an entrepreneurs life. Lacking any one of these will result in failure.

In today's environment net also play a role in building contacts. Linkedin, Blogspot provides good platform for the same. To do this just create a Blog and keep updating it regularly. A blog is a reflection of your thoughts, mind and attitude. Updating our blog regularly attracts the viewers which also helps building contacts.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

2009 Wimbledon final! A-Rod v/s Federer

Today is really a great day! Federer broke the record by winning 15th grand slam title & 6th Wimbledon, defeating A-rod by 5-7, 7-6(8-6), 7-6(7-5) 3-6 and 16-14. Pete Sampras(14 grand slam & 7 Wimbledon) himself was the witness. With this win Federer again became the world's no.1 pushing Nadal to the second no.
The 2009 men's singles final is really one of the best tennis match in the history of Wimbledon. I thought Federer will easily win this match as A-rod lost 18 matches out of 20 which he played against Federer but for my surprise, Roddick really put a great challenge for him and even Federer praised the fighting qualities of Roddick.
Actually Roddick showed it before in the semifinal win over Andy Murray as a 6th rank player defeated a 3rd rank player. Today the final match was so close and awesome that i stuck to the TV till it finished. The final set lasted for 1 hour and 35 minutes and i left my dinner because of the match. But now i am having beer :D
Let us see who will win the Wimbledon men's singles final next year(if Nadal will not play)! :-)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Time management!!!

One thing you can't recycle is "Wasted time"... so here comes the BIG question, how to manage time?
Usually when i am in campus or at home, i spent maximum time in doing useless things and later i complains that i don't get time for doing creative things or to do something related to study. generally people also have the same complain which i had earlier.
there are many factors responsible for this like not setting the priorities to your work, postponing important tasks because of doing something which your mood says & is more enjoyable or that you’re more comfortable doing, poor organizational skills,
not using your free time wisely...
one day i sat and analyzed what i did and where i spent maximum time and came up with some new & useful ideas. I don't believe in making a chart and then working according to that but still a layout is necessary to manage time.

when i was in school one of my teacher gave me "P-3 tips".

1. Planning
2. Preparation
3. Presentation

before i never paid attention but now i follow it and it really helped me a lot. Now i have a schedule in mind which generally i follow and work accordingly which not only solved my time management problem but also keep me free from tension and stress.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

UX intern@Impelsys, summer 2009

This summer i thought of going home for whole 3 months and learning guitar as well as enjoying but i ended up with an internship in Impelsys, for 2 months and my dream of enjoying at home crashed :-(
As soon as I arrived Bangalore, i thought i will do more fun less work but you know when you plan something it don't come out in the way you want it and same happened with me. Initially i had lot of fun including going pubs, movie or malls but after passing two weeks, i had to work as we got too much work and once again my dream of having fun crashed down because of work...
Here in Impelsys, we are six people from IITG and each of us are divided in a group of two and the worst thing is that my team got four times work as compared to other 2 teams. Each team had to built the portal for only one site but we got four diff(kids, teens, parents and teachers & librarians) and then one extra global homepage! and sometimes I worked whole the night in the office or sometimes till late night to complete the work.
Initially i thought of leaving the company as i was not much interested in the work they asked us to do! that too four times than other groups! Finally one day i thought, this is my last day in this company, i don't like this work, i don't wanna work here anymore and i am going to leave this company. Alas.. the same day in the afternoon when i thought of talking with management team to leave the company, my manager asked me to submit some assignment! i thought that it would me my last assignment! but i got interest in that! and finally I decided to continue!

Overall it was a great experience.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My first salary

This summer(2009) is really learning time for me and i am having great experiences about life and also I got to know about human behaviors as well. Especially when someone gets his/her "first salary". Today was the day i have been waiting for as today I got my first salary and i am so happy because this is the money I earned working myself(as a design intern in Impelsys, Banglore) and i can spend it as i want to. No matter how much you get but its an awesome feeling when you are paid for the work you have done. When I got the money, first thing i did was to call my mom and let her know how happy i was after getting paid for my work. She was glad too. After talking for few minutes on phone, she asked me how i am going to spend this money? Really I had no idea how i will spend this but first thing i wanted to do is to buy an i-pod Shuffle as we are not allowed to listen music on office PC and i am a music freak. Also, i am thinking to have a small party tonight!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Guitar enthu

I bought a guitar in December 2008 to learn playing guitar. I thought one day i will b playing guitar like Satriani, Gilbert, Petrucci, Vai, Malmsteen or at least Hetfield! in d beginning i started 2 practice around 1 hr per day but after some time its lessened because of many reasons like studies etc...
sometimes i feel like instead f Indian Institute of Technology I should b in Institute of Guitar Technology!!! the only diff would be, i will have degree in Audio engg. & Guitar Design instead f simply having a degree in Engg. n Design! :P

d main reason i wanted 2 learn playing guitar r following(u can gt it 4m uncyclopedia)!
just b careful while reading!!!

1. A guitar has a volume knob
2. If you break a guitar's G-string, it only costs 1$ for a new one
3. You can make a guitar scream as loud as you want it to
4. You can unplug a guitar
5. You can finger a guitar for hours without it complaining it wants more
6. Other people can play your guitar without it getting upset
7. You can finger a guitar in public and get applause, not arrested
8. You can have a guitar any color you want and no one will care
9. You can make your guitar as tight as you want it just by turning a peg.
10. If your guitar doesn't make sounds you like, you can return it
11. You can use four fingers (eight, if you use both hands) at a time on a guitar
12. If your guitar strings are too heavy, you can just get a lighter set
13. You can have a guitar professionally adjusted to #your# liking
14. If you scratch a guitar's back, it's unintentional, not required
15. You can go to a guitar shop and play all the guitars you want for free
16. It's good to have a guitar that's stretched out.
17. You can take lessons on how to play a guitar without feeling embarrassed.
18. You can rent a guitar without worrying about who rented it before you.
19. You can play the guitar with your bare fingers and no protective covering.
20. You can get rich playing a guitar, not broke.
21. A guitar doesn't take half of everything you own when you sell it
22. Guitars are turned on by you
23. Guitars don't complain about how bad you are at playing a Guitar
24. Fat guitars aren't men they're basses
25. Playing a guitar is fun no matter how old you are.
26. Guitars only have one input
27. guitars don't have control over your every action to the point of you being their pet (noodle)

i think after reading this post u must be feeling like learning to PLAY guitar. :P

first night out in the company office!!!

Today is my first night out in the office! it is around 2 AM and i am working here since yesterday morning(9 AM). Though i have internet at home and that too with good speed but i prefer to work in the office only and believe it or not, sometimes working in the office is fun too. right now i am working on the wire-frames for teachers & librarians and parents section. Still whole parents' section is left and i have to present all wire-frames by 5 PM. i don't know how i am going to do all that till the deadline but for sure i know how to write a blog instead of working :-D Actually company haven't cared about my team and gave us lot of work as compared to other teams so i am frustrated too.
Normally i used to sleep by 3 or 4, but today i am feeling sleepy though i had two cups of black tea. I don't know why it happens that when you have work you want to sleep :O and that time no formula works which can make you awake. anyways, enough blogging, it needs a pause now & i need do some work.